Who's eligible to become an Ambassador Candidate?

Candidates must be female and reside in Castle Rock, Eureka, Empire Township, Farmington, or School District 192 and/or attend school in District 192.

Candidates currently attending college in Minnesota but who have graduated from High School within the Farmington School District are eligible to compete regardless of physical address location during the school year.

Miss Ambassadors: On or before June 30th, 2020 candidates must be between 18-20 years of age and have graduated from high school. Candidates may never have been married nor have had a marriage annulled. Upon accepting an Ambassador title, if chosen, candidates agree they will not marry during their reign. Candidates may not be pregnant or become pregnant during their reign nor have children.

Junior Ambassadors: Candidates must be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade for the 2018-2019 school year.

Little Ambassadors: Candidates must be in 2nd or 3rd grade for the 2018-2019 school year.

Previous Ambassadors having held a title in any age category cannot become a candidate in that same age category in the future. They may however become a candidate for the next age category when they meet those requirements.

How do Candidates apply for the program?

Please review the Code of Conduct and complete the Candidate Application. Applications can be sent to chair@farmingtonroyalty.com. Once the application has been submitted, Candidates will receive a confirmation email inclusive of the Candidacy Packet. Applications due by March 31. 2019.

What criteria is used in determining who will become a Farmington Ambassador?

Race, Religion, and Economic Status have no bearing on the selection of the Farmington Ambassadors. The Selection Committee decision are final. The final scores will not be available for distribution.

The Farmington Ambassador Committee asks the Selection Committee will take in account for the following:

Acceptance of Duties and Responsibilities: Willingness to accept the role and responsibilities of a Farmington Ambassador.

Appearance: Well-groomed with conservative and tasteful attire.

Communication Skills: Community participation, spirit, and pride.

Personality: Reflects sound qualities of mind and character. Professionalism, kindness, and wholesomeness are characteristics highlight sought after.

Poise: The manner in which the candidate conducts herself with others her age and the general public. She should be pleasant and friendly, have good manners, and use proper etiquette.

Authenticity: True to her own personality, spirit, or character. Candidate should be genuine and sincere in attitude and how she carries herself.

How can I get more information about the program before I apply?

Questions regarding the Farmington Ambassador Program can be directed to chair@farmingtonroyalty.com

Do I need a sponsor?

Candidates do need a sponsor. Sponsor information will be emailed to Candidates as part of the Candidate Packet. The sponsorship form and fee are due at the first Candidate meeting. Once Candidates have obtained the forms, they can approach a Farmington Business (owner/manger) and ask if they would be willing to sponsor them as a Farmington Ambassador Candidate. It is recommended that Candidates approach the business owner/manager in person with the letter and form that explains the Farmington Ambassador Program, the expectations, and the benefits of a sponsor. For sponsor ideas, please visit our Royalty Partners page.

What monetary commitment is there if I am selected to be an Ambassador ?

There is some monetary commitment, but the program covers 95%. We will also supplement the cost of the wardrobe by issuing a check for $100 to each girl.

What time commitment is there if I am selected to be an Ambassador?

The girls are pretty busy throughout the year. We do want the girls to stay in their activities and go on family vacations. The events are all in the evening and on weekends. The summer is the most busy as all the city festivals are held in the summer months. The littles are the least busy with the miss being the most busy. All of the events are chaperoned by committee members. Very rarely do we need or ask for parent help. You drop your child off with us and we make sure everyone has fun and is taken care of. Rebecca Krueger, mother of 2015-16 Little Ambassador Brooklynn, gave this reply when asked about the time commitment, "Commitment was not bad at all and the events are so fun and make so many memories; not even just for Brooke but for the whole family. With her already busy schedule, I wasn't sure how we could handle it but it seemed to balance out pretty decently."

Our program can promise you that the girls will have a lot of fun during their time as a candidate. If they are selected to be an ambassador, their year will be memorable and amazing!