This statement of policy has been prepared to provide a clear and pleasant relationship between the Farmington Ambassador Program's committee and the Ambassadors as to the conduct expected of the Ambassadors during their reign.

Events and Attendance:

  1. Requests for personal appearance by Royal Ambassadors must be approved by the Appearance Director
  2. All appearances will be scheduled and communicated to the Ambassadors via the Appearance Director
  3. If unable to attend an organized appearance, please be respectful and communicate your conflict by informing the Appearance Director when you receive the invite. If there is an emergency the day of an appearance, a text message must be sent to the Appearance Director.
  4. No appearance will be attended without a designated chaperone that will be assigned prior to each appearance by the Appearance Director.
  5. The Royal Ambassadors shall arrive at an appearance together with their chaperone. The Ambassadors should not request of their official escorts adjustments of set plans or make necessary a premature departure from an event or community appearance.


  1. If making a speech, come prepared and always begin the speech with "Welcome" or "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening." when out of Farmington, always end your speech with an invitation to Farmington Dew Days (the third weekend in June).
  2. No gum chewing at events.
  3. Absolutely no cell phones at any events.
  4. Sitting/standing at appearances: sit with your back against your chair with your legs crossed at your ankles. When standing as a group or on stage or for pictures, stand with your feet together and your hands behind your back.
  5. Ambassadors (and their immediate family) may not "negatively act out" in public or in any public or private at any event.
  6. All Ambassadors and chaperones will conduct themselves professionally at all events and appearances. Negative actions or comments/gossiping toward fellow Ambassadors, chaperones, Committee Members, or other Ambassador Organizations will not be tolerated.

Wardrobe and Attire:

  1. The official attire, sash, and tiara must be worn by the ambassador's at all official appearances. Please arrive with everything on. When not in the presence of an official chaperone, the sash and tiara must be taken off.
  2. The Appearance Director/Committee will have final authority on all wardrobe items and will select appropriate clothing to be worn at all official appearances.
  3. Garments, sashes and tiaras must be properly altered/fitted and cared for. Negligence will require the Ambassador to provide for repairs or replacement of the item.
  4. Garments and sashes should be kept clean and wrinkle free.
  5. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun for all parades, coronations, and scheduled Ambassador photography sessions.
  6. An Ambassador must not have any visible tattoos or wear body piercing(s) to an event, excluding minimal pierced ears.
  7. Ambassadors are not allowed to wear any crown/tiara other than the one presented to them at their current reigning coronation.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will require the Ambassador to fore-go that event they are not prepared for.

Social Media:

  1. Ambassadors assume full responsibility and liability for any content posted on any social media forum.
  2. Ambassadors must not post disparaging, disrespectful, obscene, threatening, inflammatory, harassing or discriminatory statements, material, comments, or information that might lead to or reflect negatively on yourself, the Farmington Ambassador Program, Farmington Dew Days, or the City of Farmington.
  3. Ambassadors must not post content that show or describes themselves engaging in any illegal activity.
  4. Ambassadors authorizes the use of photographs, likeness, voice recording, autograph and name for publicity and commercial purposes in connection with the Farmington Ambassador Program without compensation.
  5. Press and or media interviews are forbidden without prior Farmington Ambassador Program Committee approval.

Awards and Scholarships:

Scholarships are for an accredited institution of higher education and are obtainable at the end of the Ambassador's reign.

  1. Miss Scholarships: After satisfactory completion of the reign, the scholarship will be paid to the college account after submitting a copy of the first semester college transcript and address of the college's financial aid office to the Farmington Ambassador Program.
  2. All Age Groups: $100 clothing allowance award. One half of the award will be paid to each Ambassador at the end of June and the remaining half will be paid to each Ambassador at the end of November. This award is intended to help offset the cost of the Ambassadors' wardrobes.


Aquatennial is a Minneapolis Community Festival in which the Program Committee may send a candidate to compete in the Queen of the Lakes competition each year. The participation in this event will be sponsored by the Farmington Dew Days Committee. The Ambassador selected for the Aquatennial opportunity is representing the program and the City of Farmington and therefore, must adhere to the following:

  1. Anyone of the three Miss Ambassadors has an equal opportunity to represent Farmington at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Festival.
  2. In the month of December of the Ambassadors' reigning year, each Miss Ambassador will be asked if they are willing and able to fulfill the role of an Aquatennial Ambassador. Miss Ambassadors willing to fulfill that role will be interviewed by a selection panel in January. That panel will then determine which Miss Ambassador continues onto represent Farmington at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Candidate event.
  3. All wardrobes must be approved by the Organization Committee at least two weeks before departing for competition.
  4. All formal speeches must be approved by the Organization Committee at least two weeks prior to the competition.
  5. Suggestions throughout the year will be made in preparation for your competition at the Queen of the Lakes competition.
    1. Community involvement and volunteerism
    2. Advice on applying as a candidate
    3. Wardrobe
    4. Interview practice

Disciplinary Procedures:

The Farmington Ambassador Program Committee shall be the sole interpreter of the below rules and procedures:

  1. The Farmington Ambassador Program Committee's decision on disciplinary action shall be considered final with no opportunity for appeal.
  2. The Farmington Ambassador Program Committee shall investigate any allegations of misconduct and then will decide on appropriate disciplinary action.
  3. The termination of an Ambassador shall occur upon two-thirds vote of the Committee members. Other disciplinary measures not including termination of the Ambassador position shall occur upon a majority vote of Committee members.
  4. Upon vote to take disciplinary measures, the Committee shall inform the Ambassador of the disciplinary action personally. The Ambassador shall also receive a written summary of the findings and disciplinary action.
  5. The Ambassador shall agree to hold harmless and indemnify any Committee member or volunteer against any loss to reputation, financial expense or loss, or any emotional distress incurred or caused by any action taken by a Committee member or volunteer in any type of disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Measures:

The Farmington Ambassador Program Committee reserves the right to discipline Ambassadors for any misconduct not resulting in termination in any reasonable manner including, but not limited to:

  1. Cancellation of all or some of the Ambassador's scholarship/award in an amount to be determined at the discretion of the Committee.
  2. Exclusion from all or partial Ambassador appearances or events.
  3. Written reprimands.
  4. Oral reprimands.

Termination of an Ambassador Position:

  1. Conviction for any crime involving the use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, including petty misdemeanors.
  2. Conviction for any crime involving violence, harassment, or disorderly conduct.
  3. Conviction for any crime involving dishonesty or theft.
  4. Conviction for any felony or gross misdemeanor.
  5. Credible evidence of misconduct such as nature and character that would bring strong disrepute and reflect poorly on the Ambassador Program, including but not limited to:
    1. Displays of public nudity or public conduct of sexual nature, including internet websites.
    2. Displays of support or the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or public drunkenness, including internet websites.
    3. Insubordination to the Committee members or Committee volunteers.
    4. Abandonment of the Ambassador position by unexcused absence.
    5. Excessive tardiness equating to implied abandonment of the Ambassador position.
    6. Pregnancy or marriage.